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We are dedicated to insuring the American Farmers' success. We provide comprehensive risk management products- yield base plans, revenue plans, crop hail plans and the accurate information and technology growers need to operate. We'd like to tell you more. Call: (719) 336-3636

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Yield Based Coverage

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) - provides protection against losses from a number of uncontrollable causes. MPCI is the most popular insurance coverage due to its flexibility in level and price.

Catastrophic (CAT) - Provides the minimum coverage amount on a MPCI policy. For a $100 fee, producers can buy a minimum insurance coverage based on 50% of the producing operation's average yield at 55% of the FCIC established prices.

Group Risk Plan (GRP) - Recommended for farmers whose yield history closely tracks the county or parish history because protection is based on the yield experience of the county rather than their individual farms.


Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - Provides farmers with a revenue guarantee based on their approved yield and current market price. Protects against losses resulting from a decrease in market price, a loss of production or combination of the these. While CRC provides several advantages over traditional crop insurance policies, the real benefit comes when it is incorporated as an integral part of the producer's marketing plan.

CRC can be an effective risk management tool by providing farmers with an established revenue guarantee per acre. Farmers may more proactively market through the growing season when prices are usually higher, knowing that CRC provides the revenue guarantee to cover bushels committed in forward pricing their crop or when using other market options.

Revenue Assurance (RA) - Available for selected states and crops, this policy provides protection against revenue losses resulting from any combination of low market prices or low production yields. RA is available in certain states. Ask your agent about availability in your area.

At Crop Risk Insurance we strive to provide the highest level of service in crop insurance. We understand farming. We know you can't always control the power of the weather, but you can protect your family's financial security with crop insurance.


You know that five minutes of hail can wipe out an entire years income. The Crop Hail policy through our agency provides protection against loss to the crop from hail. This policy supplements the coverage provided by an MPCI policy. Crop Hail provides coverage on an acre by acre basis.

MPCI policyholders in some states have an additional option to purchase a Companion Hail policy that works with the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy for quicker pay-out on hail losses.

Crop Hail Auto-Crop through our agency offers the convenience of allowing the Crop Hail policy to be completed based on the MPCI acreage report for the crop. With Crop Hail Auto-Crop, your Crop Hail coverage becomes a continuous policy that remains in effect until it is canceled. Simply review your insurance per acre coverage and policy form each year and if there are no changes, no other paperwork is required.

Grain Fire - Protects an un-harvested crop against loss due to fire or lightning. Also covers transit losses.

Crop Insurance

Every successful business needs complete protection against potential loss. Crop Risk Insurance offers a wide range of business insurance products that will help you do just that. Your insurance should be designed with your needs in mind, we will give you the products that is critical to the prosperity of your business.

If your business is Small or Large. We can provide you with all your insurance needs.


Crop Risk Insurance offers a wide variety of services to meet your personal insurance needs. Our goal is to protect, educate, and serve our customers by offering personalized service you will see is like no other. We want you to have quality products at the most affordable rates. Crop Risk Insurance is here to make sure you are protected in the unfortunate event of a loss. Let Crop Risk Insurance keep your investments safe.

Home Checklist Auto Checklist

Our farm and ranch insurance is designed to help you maintain a safe farm and ranch business. It covers buildings, personal property, injuries, medical payments and vehicles you rely on to run your farm business.

This is a policy that no farmer/rancher should go without. Everything in one place, one company to pay.

Farm/Ranch Checklist

Crop Revenue Coverage

Crop Revenue Coverage -- Price Format
. Board of Trade Base Price Harvest Price
Wheat Kansas City July Wheat Traded from August 15 to September 14 July Wheat Traded in the Month of June
Corn Chicago December Corn Traded in the Month of February December Corn Traded in the Month of October
Grain Sorghum Chicago December Corn Traded in the Month of February December Corn Traded in the Month of November
Soybeans Chicago November Soybeans Traded in the Month of February November Soybeans Traded in the Month of October
Revenue Assurance
. Board of Trade Base Price Harvest Price
Corn Chicago December Corn Traded in the Month of February December Corn Traded in the Month of November
Soybeans Chicago November Soybeans Traded in the Month of February November Soybeans Traded in the Month of November
Wheat Kansas City July Wheat Traded from August 15 to September 14 July Wheat Traded July 1 to July 14

Our Partners and Friends

These are the people we work with for you!

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We know that trust matters when it comes to some of your biggest investments, like your home, car, and even your boat. From the smallest fender-bender to a storm-damaged home, we're standing ready at life's trying moments - here for you at any time, at any day of the week.
With a comprehensive range of insurance coverage and expert advice from local independent agents like Crop Risk, we make it simple to protect what's important to you, and easy to get the best mix of coverage and pricing.

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At ProAg, we begin each day with a singular goal-to deliver superior customer service that exceeds the expectations of our crop insurance agents and insureds. Insuring America's most important industry is both a job and a passion for ProAg employees.
We are proud to have some of the most experienced crop insurance professionals in the country on our team. Long-term business partnerships with our agents and insureds are the key to delivering a consistency of service unmatched in our industry.

    Mendota Insurance

We value your interest in Mendota and look forward to providing you with solutions to your insurance needs. At Mendota we strive to offer high quality personal insurance protection at a competitive price. We are committed to superior service recognizable in the many ways. Your Local agent, Crop Risk can tell you more.

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Yes, we're an insurance company - but we're also human beings. And we believe that people are capable of achieving amazing things with the right encouragement and support. We put our belief into action by not only ensuring individuals and businesses are well protected, but by going even further - making an impact in ways that go beyond an insurance policy.

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Great American and its affiliated property and casualty insurers of the Great American Insurance Group provide high quality, specialized commercial insurance products and services that protect business assets nationwide. Great American Insurance Group offers specialty insurance products and services tailored to fit the changing needs of today's businesses through our insurance divisions and affiliates.

    Foremost Insurance

As a specialty insurance company, we serve our markets by providing insurance choices that may not be offered by other companies. So, if you're wondering whether or not we can insure a particular product, check us out. Our extensive insurance options may surprise you! Call Crop Risk for more information.

    Colorado Casualty Liberty Mutual

We are an independent insurance agent representing several top rated insurance companies and we are commited to ongoing professional education and development of our agents. The flexibility of independent choice, dedicated insurance advisors, and personal relationships mean we can almost always find the right insurance protection for our personal and business clients.

    Builders and Tradesmen's Insurance

BTIS is a financially stable, nationwide wholesale intermediary with a small business attitude, that believes in building and fostering solid relationships through communication and genuine concern for our customers. We offer a wide range of commercial lines and are focused on developing and implementing cutting edge technology to provide individual service, exceptional value, ease of use and rapid turn around times.
BTIS is committed to providing quality, robust, individualized products and the highest level of service. We ensure each client feels confident and secure in selecting us as their provider, and are dedicated to the success of our customers. By offering education and sales tools we allow our producers to be a trusted source for insurance that their clients, in turn, can rely upon.

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